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22 Nov to 21 Dec 2019 #BePartofHistory


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Diriyah Equestrian Festival Diriyah Equestrian Festival
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Diriyah E-Prix 2019 Diriyah E-Prix 2019
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Welcome to Diriyah Season. Where it all starts!

Diriyah Season is an unmissable set of international sports and entertainment events, happening at a UNESCO heritage sight, Diriyah, the birth place of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sports fanatics, entertainment seekers, foodies and shoppers, don’t miss out on a month of energy, excitement, elegance, and memorable moments as the world comes to Diriyah!

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01 Diriyah


Known as The Land of Kings and Heroes and just minutes from Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh, Diriyah ushers in an era of Mega Sports events through a slew of global showdowns from Boxing Championship, to Formula E-racing, Tennis Cup and Equestrian Festival.


02 At-Turaif


Diriyah is home to At-Turaif, a UNESCO World Heritage site that stands as a symbol of Saudi’s rich history. The authority has placed great priority in preservation and restoration of the citadel under international UNESCO guidelines to offer visitors a chance to walk in the footsteps of Kings and Heroes and explore Saudi history and culture in an authentic environment.


03 Al Bujairi

Al Bujairi

Across the valley from At-Turaif lies Al Bujairi, an area that continues to serve as the cultural capital of the Kingdom since the establishment of the first Saudi state. Today, Al Bujairi is the perfect afternoon getaway from the city and a place where visitors can experience authentic Saudi cuisine and hospitality surrounded by lush greenery.

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